5 Questions with Arafel Buzan

Raised on an animal rescue, Arafel developed a passion for nonprofit work and progressive policy at a young age. Arafel joined DG+CO as Media Coordinator in December 2015, where she works on research projects, media reports, and outreach to promote the diverse goals represented by our clients.

What brought you to DG+CO?

Having spent a majority of my upbringing living on a no-kill animal rescue, I developed a deep respect and passion for the work of nonprofits. I was pleasantly surprised that a space existed professionally where I could combine my desire to work in the nonprofit space, with creative communications and my background in research. Enter: DG+CO – job search entry on Idealist.org.

What past experiences do you find yourself drawing on most in your work here?

At DG+CO, I constantly find myself drawing on my experiences in scientific research. From building reports for clients, to creating code for a website, the ability to approach a task from both a creative and analytical frame is integral to my day-to-day work.

What gets you out of bed and excited to go to work at DG+CO each day?

Being able to work with incredible and inspirational organizations is the best motivation in the world. Few things will get you out of bed more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than thinking that at work today, you might do some good. I’m also in the fortunate position of being surrounded by people who teach me something new every day, so work is constantly challenging and exciting.

When you’re not in the office, what do you do for fun?

Being active is a huge part of my life, be it kayaking, running, or trying really, really hard to like a gluten-free vegan no sugar plant-based protein bar (show me someone who likes these, and I’ll show you a liar). To fill this void of delicious healthy food – and an endless desire for all of the snacks – I love to cook everything from paella to homemade oatmeal bread to the worlds-best granola. I also make excellent dog treats – currently accepting applications for a puppy; small dogs need-not apply.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given (professional or otherwise), and by whom?

“Keep looking up. That’s the secret of life.” – Snoopy
Do da do da do do, do do, do da doo dooo…