5 Questions with Farone Rasheed

Driven by a strong commitment to the public sector, Farone obtained a degree in political science and entrepreneurship from the University of Michigan. He joined Douglas Gould and Company as Media Coordinator in November 2014, where he works on social media planning and management, research projects and media coordination and outreach to promote the diverse goals represented by our clients.

  1. What brought you to DG&Co.?
    After graduating from college and moving back to New York, I wanted to stay close to the issues and organizations that had originally inspired me to obtain a degree in political science. I was impressed by DG&Co. and its staff for their seasoned history of working with public interest clients on issues including everything from health and education, to sustainability and international development.
  2. What past experiences do you find yourself drawing on most in your work here?
    In my capacity as media coordinator, I utilize a wide range of skills from very different jobs. My time with the Parliament of Canada, the Michigan Daily, and the United Nations Information Centre taught me how to scrutinize and digest relevant data, present lucid reporting, and handle social media in various office settings. Through the often quantitative nature of our work, I even find myself drawing on some of my more technical abilities – skills such as Photoshop, HTML, and general research design – from my IT and engineering days.
  3. What gets you out of bed and excited to go to work at DG&Co each day?
    Working with many different organizations adds a dynamic element, and keeps the rhythm of the workday spontaneous and interesting. Having the opportunity to facilitate the work of an organization you admire is just the cherry on top.
  4. When you’re not in the office, what do you do for fun?
    Cycling and cooking are probably my two biggest obsessions. Long before I started biking for fun, a $50 Walmart Fixie was my primary mode of transportation. Cooking is another stress reliever – I love watching Food Network’s Chopped and experimenting with new flavors, especially in French and Italian cuisine. Finally, depending on the time of year, I’ll follow the Knicks, the Mets, and Michigan football religiously (Go Blue!).
  5. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given (professional or otherwise), and by whom?
    My favorite piece of advice, which I first received from a former employer when I was 16, was to build and cultivate a network. Building a professional network is not just beneficial for job hunting, but also provides new ways to branch out, engage with different ideas, and stay active in your work. And the PR field is filled with creative networkers – like this girl who started making the most of her Tinder interactions. My theory is that everyone secretly wants to meet more people – so send that email, Tweet that colleague, and start a conversation!