Medicare’s 50th: Highlights and Future Goals, Visualized

  • Did you know that poverty among older and disabled Americans has decreased by nearly two-thirds since Medicare was introduced?
  • Did you know that Medicare accelerated desegregation in hospitals?
  • Did you know that the Affordable Care Act added 10 years of economic security to Medicare’s trust fund?

Medicare has positively impacted healthcare and social justice for the past 50 years. We were thrilled to help our long-time client, the Center for Medicare Advocacy tell the program’s story using an infographic and suggest some positive reforms to keep Medicare strong for the next 50 years – and beyond!

We worked with Bent Creative on the concept and execution, putting a focus on digestible information that highlights just how important Medicare is to the American people.

Celebrate Medicare’s 50th birthday by sharing this infographic with friends and colleagues.

Medicare: 50 Years of Value and Service for America