Douglas Gould


Doug knows the power of information. Pictures and words can rock the world and shake people into action. A lifelong news junkie, Doug remembers the impact of the media in helping the country mourn after JFK’s assassination. He saw how coverage mobilized public support for civil rights and for ending the Vietnam War.

He also has had a deep and abiding revulsion to bullies and bigots and knows that getting justice usually entails exposing their offenses. And achieving social justice is what gets him going.

Early in his career as a student activist and in the reproductive rights and health movement, he learned to use media coverage to build public will for change. In fifteen years with Planned Parenthood, ultimately as Vice President for Communications, he built comprehensive advocacy and communications programs of increasing sophistication, relying on emerging technologies and grounded in solid opinion research.

Since starting his nonprofit communications firm in 1990, DG+CO has served over 120 public interest organizations and foundations that are engaged in social change and public policy reform. Doug is the firm’s senior strategist and his practice concentrates on opinion and media research, message development, training, and the timely application of problem-solving and crisis management strategies.

In recent years, his professional attention has been focused on making the case for high quality education as key to personal and national success; on the impact of religion on politics and justice; and on arming change agents with the most effective skills and tools to win.

When not working, Doug is either in or on the water, swimming laps or sailing. He is married, has two young adult children and currently serves on the boards of the the Nonprofit Support Center, the Westchester Children’s Association.  He previously served on the board of the Wellesley Centers for Women.