And the Winner of Our March Gladness 2015 Bracket Is…

Fantasy Hub! 



Marketing a new way to indulge in fantasy sports, Fantasy Hub offers one-day fantasy games that allow you to draft a team, compete against others online and donate a portion of your winnings to your favorite charity. Since launching in April 2014, they’ve raised more than $30,000 for national charities and causes.




Our staff picked Fantasy Hub for their creative take on fantasy sports. The scope is adaptable to a range of league sports – and thus for a year-round base for fundraising; at the same time, features like Fantasy Hub’s “Charity Madness” competition allow them to hone in on periodic trends. Less micromanaging also means more diversity in the organizations and incentives. Isiah Thomas’s Charity Madness Bracket Challenge, for example, gives away Celtics tickets to the winner of his bracket challenge – as well as signed gear and Twitter shout-outs to participants.

And, while March Madness has come to a close, Fantasy Hub’s efforts have not. They’re already gearing up for the start of the MLB season.


Congratulations to Fantasy Hub and all of this year’s competitors! We hope you had as much fun as we did following these inspiring and creative campaigns!