From international development and human rights to education, economic fairness, immigration, and religion – our high-quality reports have helped clients navigate complex communications challenges. Explore a sample below.

Immigration on the Air:

A Scan of Broadcast News and Commentary Programming

Broadcast coverage – from 24-hour news channels to talk radio – has played a central role in shaping the public discourse around immigration. We conducted a media analysis of broadcast coverage of immigration to take a close look at how the topic was treated by national radio and television news and commentary shows and on popular local stations in a few cities across the country.

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Missed Opportunities:

How Media in India, Brazil and Kenya Present Child Rights

This landmark report, published by Internews Europe, produced major findings about coverage of children's rights issues across print, broadcast and social media in Kenya, Brazil and India. As Internews Europe works across the globe to change attitudes and build public will for social reform, this report will provide baseline data for monitoring and evaluation in years to come.

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Solutions Storytelling:

Messages for Mobilizing Advocates around Children’s Issues

Together with the Topos Partnership, DG+CO completed a groundbreaking survey for the Child Advocacy 360 Foundation. This study gives us a wealth of guidance based on innovative research that will support communications on behalf of children.

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Make the Case for California Community Colleges

DG+CO worked with Harris Interactive and the Neimand Collaborative on statewide opinion research and message development in California that resulted in a primer for community college advocacy. The primer offers messages that advance the unique value of community colleges, especially in a time of unprecedented economic strife and consequent budget cuts.

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Religion Media Analysis:

A Study of Trends in Media Coverage

A media analyses funded by the Ford Foundation studying trends in the coverage of religion. Read how American media covered religious topics and contributed to shaping public perceptions of religion.

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Talking Learning Disabilities

This resource is designed to help advocates frame their messages in ways that will mobilize support for children with learning disabilities and enact helpful public policies.

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Working Press

This media analysis, funded by the Ford Foundation, highlights the progress made by advocates and others on how low wage work is presented. The analysis also identifies areas where improvements could be made.

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