Four Google Products Your Nonprofit Should Explore

Many of us rely on Google’s consumer products daily in our work – Gmail, Google News, (*ahem*) SEARCH. But is your organization taking full advantage of Google’s business products?

Most likely not. Google offers a huge range of services through its Google for Nonprofits program and rolls out new features all the time. Read on to learn about some of their latest offerings.

1. Google Grants

Google’s $10,000 a month in free Adwords advertising credits is old news to many nonprofits. But once you burn through that money, did you know that Google offers an additional $30,000 a month through Grantspro? To qualify, you only have to prove that you’ve reliably spent your $10K Google Grant. No problem, right? Read more here.

2. Google Apps for Nonprofits

Discover how more than 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies do business: using Google Apps. Google’s integrated suite of business Gmail, Gcal and cloud storage is a breeze. And they waive all usage fees for nonprofits.

3. YouTube for Nonprofits

We all know that YouTube (which is owned by Google) is the world’s second largest search engine and that it helps non-techies upload, produce and share videos. So what’s next?

• Make a fundraising pitch in your video, possibly using YouTube annotationsand overlays. According to YouTube, 57 percent of users who watched a video about a nonprofit donated to that nonprofit within 7 days.

• Download the YouTube Capture app to capture great video and even add music more easily on the go – at events, service activities, etc.

• Try YouTube’s private messaging feature to reach out to a growing crop ofYouTube influencers, simply ask them to support your cause.

• Tape your next video in Google’s studio. That’s right: Google opens their Los Angeles production spaces to nonprofits with 1,000+ subscribers.

Visit for details on how to apply to this program.

4. Google Earth

Several of Google’s mapping products are paid, but through the Google Earth Outreach program, nonprofits can apply to access these programs for free.

Here are some great uses of the software by various nonprofits.