March Gladness: The Final Four

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve been picking our favorite March Madness-themed social good campaigns. It was an impressive Elite 8, but after much deliberation, we came up with a Final 4:





Fantasy Hub

Marketing a new way to indulge in fantasy sports, Fantasy Hub offers one-day fantasy games that allow you to draft a team, compete against others online and donate a portion of your winnings to your favorite charity. Since launching in April 2014, they’ve raised more than $30,000 for national charities and causes. So, at least you’ll have the comfort of having promoted a worthy cause when the inevitable fantasy sports meltdown strikes:

Brackets for Good

Founded by two Butler fans united by a win over UConn in the 2011 NCAA Tournament, Brackets For Good is a single-elimination competition between local charities in Indianapolis and Louisville. Throughout the month, the effort focuses on connecting community efforts, inspiring individual giving, and expanding sponsor presence. There’s even a $10,000 grand prize for the winning organization.

We picked: Fantasy Hub

Not only does Fantasy Hub feature a creative take on fantasy sports, their featured “Charity Madness” bracket offers up $1 million to the winning cause.



Bloomberg’s Brackets for a Cause

There’s pitching in a few bucks for your favorite charity. And then there’s the big kids’ table. If you’re into high stakes, you can check in on Mike, Barbara, and Tim (that’s Michael Bloomberg of Bloomberg, Barbara Byrne of Barclays, and Tim Armstrong of AOL) as they compete with other powerful executives to win a $360,000 prize for  the victor’s charity of choice.

Organizing for Action

The nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to advancing President Obama’s agenda has birthed a brilliant new environmental campaign. The Climate Change Fantasy Tournament, aimed at shaming climate change deniers in Congress, gave voters a chance to pick who they think is the worst denier. The winner? Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe. Yes, that Senator Inhofe:


We picked: Organizing for Action

And Organizing for Action moves forward! They got points for creativity and going the extra mile with the “Find Deniers” page – indexing all 162 elected officials who currently deny climate science.



The Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge

Infiniti reached out to the top coaches in the country and, over a 10 week period, four rounds of voting will be cast for the coach’s favorite charity.

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR)

HSPPR is the largest animal shelter in southern Colorado, taking in 17,000 homeless and unwanted pets. This March, they’ve organized a March Madness-themed BasketBowl fundraising campaign. Every donation of $5 or more purchases a BasketBowl of food, and donors will even have a chance to follow the sheltered pets on the organization’s Facebook page.

We picked: the Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge.

Not only will the winning coach win $100,000 for his cause – but best of all, every coach involved will see $1,000 donated for their charity of choice.



Clinton Global Initiatives University (CGI U) Commitments Challenge

An initiative of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, the CGI U Commitments Challenge pits 16 student teams in a head-to-head fundraising competition, March Madness-style. Though a winner is ultimately decided, all teams get to keep the funds they raise during the competition.

Rams for Memory

Though VCU saw an early loss in the tournament, students there used the hype to build awareness and raise money for Alzheimer’s research through Hilarity for Charity – the organization founded by Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller. Joining the HFC U Challenge is easy – the cause has set up a CrowdRise and, once you’ve donated, you can email them to obtain the password and join the bracket pool.

We picked: CGI U.

With a great website, creative outreach, and diverse selection of competitors, CGI U was our favorite here.

The next round of winners will be announced April 5.